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RhinoCastInfo Version 1.6—Plug-In for Rhino Version 4.0

RhinoCastInfo is Rhino 4.0 compatible plug-in that includes three commands—CModulus, ItemWeight and RingSize.

Product Summary

· CModulus—calculates the modulus of a casting or casting section.

· See our on-line presentation for an explanation of Casting Modulus

· ItemWeight—calculates the weight of an item based on densities supplied in a user modifiable database. Multiple densities can be saved in the Notes section of the Rhino file. As a part is modified, this feature allows a journal of the weight changes to be kept. Date and time stamping is a part of each calculation.

· RingSize—generates a finger size circle in the FRONT window. User can select US, British, European or Japanese systems. Sizes in all systems are shown in Rhino Notes. User controlled color and layers from within the plug-in.

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SKU/Item Number: RCI16

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